Catapult courses are for students having difficulty in ENGL 1101, MATH1113, or MATH2250. Students can complete a UNIV section change form to move from the original course into a course that will provide the skills to succeed in the core course in the future!

Upon successful completion of the Catapult course, the student will receive credit for 3 or 4 elective hours (matching the same credit hours of the initial course they were enrolled in).

(Deadline: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024, 5:00 p.m.)

Explore the Supplemental Instruction options below!

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse NameInstructorDaysTimesCourse Reference Number (CRN)BuildingRoom
UNIV1105Introducing English CompositionFlingMTWRF (Thru)10:30-11:30AM72000Journalism241
UNIV1110Introduction to Pre-CalculusRiggottMTWRF (Thru)9:15-10:15AM70530Journalism241
UNIV2150Preparation for Calculus ILiMTWRF (Thru)10:00-11:15AM72519Journalism501

Catapult Instructions

View the Catapult Course Offerings Below

1.) Identify the CRN of the Course that Best Fits your Schedule

2.) Download the Section Change Form from the Office of the Registrar

3.) For all Section Changes into a UNIV course, please follow these instructions to submit your form, not the instructions on the actual form. This is a fillable document.

Click in a box, type in your information, and save the completed form to your computer as a .pdf file. You will need to fill our your 81x, Name, Academic Term, and the CRN, course Prefix and Number, and number of Credit Hours for your current course and the UNIV course you are seeking to section change into. Section Change form screenshot

4.) Once you have completed the above listed information, you will need to email the form (as a .pdf file) to along with your current instructor’s first and last name and their UGA email address. UNIV Courses will submit your form for all necessary signatures. Once all signatures are received, UNIV Courses will submit the Section Change Form to the Office of the Registrar on the student’s behalf.

DO NOT withdraw from your current disciplinary course. This section change request will replace your current course with the UNIV course you listed on the form.

5.) You will be Contacted to Complete the Process.

To learn more about the process of enrolling in any of these courses, please email

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