Applying to Thrive | Georgia

Who is eligible to apply?

Any undergraduate student who has been admitted to the University of Georgia as a first-year student is eligible to participate.

When will the 2024 application process open?

The application opens on Friday, March 15th.

When will the 2024 application process close?

The application closes at 5pm on May 15th.

Financial Information

Where can I find information about program fees?

Visit our Overview page for complete details.

Can the Zell Miller or HOPE Scholarships be applied towards University tuition for courses during Thrive | Georgia?

Yes, the Zell Miller Scholarship and HOPE Scholarship awards can be applied to the tuition costs for Thrive courses. Please visit here for more details.

If I participate in Thrive, do I still have to pay the $300 Commitment Deposit to attend UGA?

The University of Georgia requires admitted first-year students to indicate their intention to enroll at the University by paying a non-refundable $300.

Are there any Thrive scholarships available?

Available scholarships are need-based (based on FAFSA data) with priority consideration for Pell-eligible scholars. You must complete both the 2023-24 and 2024-25 FAFSAs by March 21, 2024 for priority screening for Thrive scholarships.

Why do I need to complete two different FAFSAs to receive financial aid for Thrive?

To apply for federal financial aid for Thrive, you must complete the 2023-24 FAFSA in addition to the 2024-25 FAFSA, which you may already have completed for Fall 2024.

Thrive takes place in the summer term which is considered part of the 2023-24 Academic Year. The 2024-25 Academic Year, for which the 2024-25 FAFSA applies, begins in Fall 2024.

Please note that the last day to submit a 2023-24 FAFSA is June 30, 2024. The U.S. Department of Education will not process any 2023-24 FAFSAs submitted after this date.

How do I pay my tuition and fees associated with the program?

When charges are posted, they will display on your student account on Athena. You will also use this system to make payments. Information about establishing access to your student account, establishing a parent login, and payment instructions can be found at

I am having trouble making a payment on the Athena system. Who should I contact?

The Bursar’s office handles all student accounts and payments for students at UGA. Please contact their office for assistance by emailing Student Account Services at or calling 706-542-2965.

I have a question about my student account. Who should I contact?

The Bursar’s office handles all questions about student accounts at UGA. Please contact their office for assistance by emailing Student Account Services at or calling 706-542-2965.

Will my Thrive program fee be refunded if I choose not to attend?

The Thrive program fee to reserve your space in the Thrive at Georgia program is non-refundable once paid.

When do I pay for my University tuition and fees for the courses I will take in Thrive?

Students will be able to view their tuition and fees charges in Athena after they register for courses at UGA Orientation (more details forthcoming on course registration). Your payment will be due the first day of classes on Monday, July 8th. All payments will be made in Student Accounts via Athena.


Do I have to take 6 semester hours of coursework in the Thrive program?

Thrive students are required to enroll in 6 semester hours from the program’s curriculum. These 6 semester hours will consist of a 3-hour credit core academic course and 3-hour service-learning course. You are not permitted to withdraw from these courses.

When do I register for my Thrive and fall semester courses?

You will meet with your academic advisor at UGA Orientation, and at this time, you will discuss Thrive and fall semester courses with your advisor. Once you have completed your advising session, you will be able to register for your Thrive courses, as well as your fall semester courses.

What if I am unable to register for the core class I want during Thrive?

All of the core academic courses offered in the Thrive are also available throughout the academic year. Thrive classes are small and seating in each class is limited. If you do not get your first choice during the summer, you will have the opportunity to take the class in the future.

What academic support services are available to assist me with me classes?

The Office for Student Success and Achievement will provide a variety of support services, including tutoring for certain core classes and student success workshops, throughout the program and for as long as student remains at UGA.

How intense is Thrive | Georgia?

Because the program’s academic term is so compressed, one day of Thrive class is the equivalent of one week of class during a regular semester. The best advice for students is to prepare to be challenged. It may feel overwhelming at times, but it is great preparation for the fall and spring semesters and a great foundation for your college experience.

Beyond Class Requirements

What are Beyond Class offerings?

Participants also participate in “Beyond Class” offerings that are designed to provide academic support to enhance student learning and success, introduce students to various campus and community resources, and provide opportunities to socialize and interact with other participants and program staff.

Am I required to attend Beyond Class offerings?

Attendance at particular Beyond Class offerings is required. Other events are optional based on a students’ interest. All participants are required to attend at least two Beyond Class events each week during the program.

When will the Beyond Class events take place?

Events will be during the week and weekends. A full schedule will be given to participants at the start of the program.


Where will I live?

Thrive participants will move-in to Russell Hall in July and remain there for the 2024-25 academic year.

Can I room with someone who does not plan to participate in Thrive?

Thrive participants must room with another Thrive participants. See more information about housing here.

My non-Thrive roommate wants to live in another hall. Do I still have to live in Russell?

Thrive participants are required to live in Russell Hall during the Thrive Program and the following academic year. Thus, Thrive participants keep the same roommate assignment throughout the academic year.

If I'm part of a living learning community, do I still have to live in Russell Hall?

The only exception for an Thrive student to not live in Russell is if you are planning to participate in another living learning community on campus such as Franklin Residential College, The Launchpad, the Honors Community at Meyers Hall, etc. For a list of living learning communities, please visit University Housing’s webpage here.

I have been exempted from the first-year living on campus requirement due to my family living close enough to campus. Can I still participate in Thrive?

No, you cannot participate in the Thrive at Georgia program.


When do I need to attend UGA Orientation?

All Thrive participants must attend the in-person UGA Orientation session taking place on June 17-18.

How do I register for an Orientation session?

Registration for summer orientation sessions will open in early May. Information will be sent to you from the New Student Orientation Office.

Who should I contact if I have a question about UGA Orientation this summer?

If you have a question about UGA Orientation, please contact New Student Orientation in the UGA Office of Admissions by emailing

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