About the ALL Georgia Program

Established in Fall 2018, the ALL Georgia Program supports all rural students at UGA with a network of resources and common experiences and provides unique programs and opportunities to a cohort of ALL Georgia Scholars. ALL Georgia unites two ideas: 1) the creation of a new rural access and success agenda bringing the state together via the missions of its flagship institution of higher education and 2) a broad-based collaboration at the University across multiple offices supporting ALL students. The ALL Georgia Program offers rural Georgia students two pathways to academic success at UGA. One pathway comprises an intentional network of support and resources that will be available to all rural students, including first-year common experiences such as ThriveDawg Camp, and an innovative UNIV 1201 course. This curriculum map (PDF) provides a comprehensive summary of the pathway’s offerings throughout the student’s undergraduate career.

ALL Georgia Program Resources

Collaborating with campus partners, the Office for Student Success and Achievement (OSSA) provides numerous resources for rural students at UGA. Prior to arriving on campus, students receive an invitation to participate in the Thrive or the Center for Leadership and Service’s Dawg Camp. UGA’s Thrive at Georgia program offers a transformative four-week academic residential program to a diverse community of incoming first-year students. Introducing students to the rigors and unique learning opportunities at America’s first state-chartered university, the Thrive at Georgia program allows students to form meaningful academic and social networks, equipping them for future academic success. Dawg Camp is a nationally renowned extended orientation program which allows participants to connect with campus leaders and other UGA students over multiple days.

During their first semester at UGA, ALL Georgia students can enhance their summer experiences via a common seminar: UNIV 1201 (more on UNIV courses). Opportunities in the second year and beyond include an immersive service learning project, such as IMPACT Service Break, a year-long leadership program and mentoring hosted by UGA Student Affairs, Academic Coaching and summer internships in the DAE, and leadership and service opportunities through the Office of Public Service & Outreach (PSO). ALL Georgia students experience robust connections among peers, citizens of Georgia, and their home communities.

For more information, please contact Dr. Andrew Long in the Office for Student Success and Achievement via email at andrew.long@uga.edu or call (706) 542-4872.

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