UNIV2111: Developing Literacies in the Humanities

This course presents a survey of scholarship in the humanities and introduces students to humanist writing conventions. Students will learn to critically examine forms of expression in the various disciplines and to present well-reasoned arguments.

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UNIV2112: Developing Literacies in the Social Sciences

This course provides a historical overview of the development of the social sciences and their approaches to investigating social phenomena. Students learn how to become critical consumers of social science research and gain an understanding of the skills necessary to be a practitioner in the field of social sciences.

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UNIV2113: Developing Literacies in the STEM Field

This course presents the fundamental principles, applications, and processes of becoming literate within STEM fields. Students will be able to interpret and critically analyze different forms of data and results. Student will also explore and analyze some of the world’s problems from the perspectives of STEM inquiry.

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UNIV2114: Developing Literacies in the Pre-Professional Majors

This course will provide an overview of the professions that require specific advanced level education for entry into the profession (e.g., medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, business). Students will be exposed to the ways in which practitioners in these professions create and interpret written / delivered information and communicate with other practitioners and stakeholders.

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UNIV2115: Digital Literacies and Documentary Media

An introduction to digital media literacy. In addition to familiarizing students with the rich computing resources that the University provides, the course provides an introduction to digital media literacy, including the evaluation and creation of Web sites, blogs, short documentary films, and other forms of online media.

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